Toronto Friends, new and old

Though I have been to Toronto before (years ago), exiting the GO Train and seeing the CN Tower sent a wave of excited racing through my body. The first wafts of urine in the streets reminded us that we weren’t in Winnipeg anymore. It finally set in that Chantal and I were about to leave Canada and begin a journey of a lifetime.  While my usual travel attitude, “When in Rome!” is a good one, i refrained from relieving myself in the middle of the big city and Chantal and I set off to meet her cousin Francis at a little pub for a quick meal and visit.  Seeing each other again was great and it was nice to get in a last dose of family.

rajkodichantalAfter eating, Chantal and I set off, in great anticipation, towards our first Couch Surfing experience. We were greeted with a smile and amazing energy.  Raj welcomed us into his beautiful park side home and we immediately had a great rapport. After discussing each other’s past travels, future plans, music and more, Raj shared with us wine and more cerebral stimulation (not to mention advice for our travels through India).  In the morning, Raj listened to our music and showed us a really cool game called “Six”.  I think i won once, but he and Chantal clearly took home the trophies.  This first experience made me so excited about Couch Surfing, i can’t wait to do more!  After sharing our music with Raj, he joined us to meet a friend of mine for brunch.  Raj generously drove us across town!!

only cafeWe met my friend Jason at “The Only Cafe” in Greek Town, an eclectic and interesting place. I was so happy to see Jason. He is a super kind guy and I urge you to visit his family’s tasty Deli in Winnipeg, Bernstein’s Deli. We caught up, learned a lot about the real estate market in Toronto and enjoyed a delicious brunch (I just wish I took a photo with his handsme mug).  At “The Only Cafe” Chantal had an over the top amazing looking crepe, I had the best eggs Benedict I’ve ever had.  After the wonderful visit, Raj went over and above and drove us downtown so we could see some sights before heading to the airport.  We were pretty late getting to the airport, which was stressful, but we were soon sitting on our American Airlines flight to New York City.

Thanks Toronto, you’re totally terrific!

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