About Us

We are a Canadian couple who decided to sell our possessions
and buy one-way tickets to India in November 2015.
After backpacking on a budget for 5 months we headed to
Cambodia and are now living in the city of Siem Reap.
We intend to see as much as the world as we can.

Kodi Hudson

12717674_10153217948631086_7288131104206832216_nStrong willed and inquisitive, Kodi is always throwing himself into some facet of the world, eager to learn as much as he can. Raised on a five-acre plot of land in Manitoba, Canada, Kodi grew up with music in his heart and conversation flowing from his lips.

As a child, he enjoyed camping trips with his family, as well as vacations across Canada. Kodi began playing trombone at age 11 and continued to do so through grade school and three years of jazz studies at Brandon University.  Actively changing the direction of his creative outlet, Kodi has continued to share his soul with the people around him in many forms. Kodi started his own karaoke business and music studio, where he teaches lessons and writes/records.

Some musical exploits include Giving In, who attended South by South West in 2013; an experimental keyboard and drum duo called Fox & Bear, and writing his own material with the use of piano, bass, drums, percussion, and his voice. Aside from music, Kodi enjoys painting, writing poetry and reading about philosophy and science.

Working with kids of all ages and abilities has been a passion of Kodi’s and before leaving Canada to travel, he worked with foster children and their families with Child & Family Services. As a teen, Kodi was not the most active outdoorsman however; before leaving Canada he embraced front country camping, canoeing and trekking alongside his partner Chantal.

Kodi vividly remembers picking up a book about India while in his grade-eight school library and being enamored with the idea of travelling there.

Places Kodi has visited:
Canada – USA – 
Bahamas – Cambodia – Czech Republic – Finland – Greece – India – Italy – Laos – Malaysia – Netherlands – Thailand – 

Chantal Kuegle

Couldn't last a month without one! #guitar #agoodbuy #music #christmascarols #incredibleIndia #countingcows @chantalckuegleAlso born and raised in the rural Manitoban landscape, Chantal is a kind hearted soul who completed a Bachelor of Music at the University of Manitoba in the spring of 2015. Singing opera is Chantal’s main focus but she also has had success with country music. Follow the link below to listen to the music Chantal recording in Nashville.

Aside from studying voice, Chantal took piano lessons when she was young and taught herself to play guitar, mostly to accompany her voice as well as Kodi’s.  Chantal is passionate about language and is always trying to immerse  herself in as many as possible. She is particularly enjoying learning Khmer while living in Cambodia.




Chantal’s strength of character and passion for music have found a home in Cambodia. She is currently teaching music classes and developing a music program for school and is thoroughly enjoying her time there. Chantal also teaches private voice and piano lessons.

To read her full bio and learn more about Chantal’s music, visit her website! Below you can enjoy a listen to some of her country music.




Places Chantal has visited:
Much of Canada and USA – Germany – France – United Kingdom – Austria – Italy – Hungary – Serbia – Montenegro – Finland – India – Cambodia – Thailand – Malaysia – Laos

Listen to Chantal’s country album