Cow Count 6798

Counting every cow we see!
We’ve taken the popular road trip pastime global.

India was a great place to start our cow count,

28% of the world’s cows are in India.   (281,700,000 cows!)

We’ve seen a lot of cows in Cambodia and will continue to add to our count as we travel.






My affinity for cows began as a young boy on my grandfather’s farm in rural Manitoba, Canada.  I can remember walking through the pasture and seeing the friendly giants come running at the sound of my grandpa’s voice.  In particular, I remember naming one cow Mr. Cow.  It wasn’t until later that I learned Mr. Cow was in fact not a mister, but a missus.
My naivety also led me to believe that Mr. Cow was the same cow every year. This, of course, was not the case as my grandfather sold his herd and I gave the title of Mr. Cow to a new one each year.

Twenty minutes East of Winnipeg, the 160 acre Hudson farm and house were built by my great-grandfather Gordon Hudson around the turn of the twentieth century.  His son, Murray, worked the farm with his wife, Kitty (Watson) where they raised their three children Phillip, Lesley, and my father Jeff. In addition to cattle, the farm was home to chickens, turkeys, pigs, cats, dogs and a large vegetable garden.

Some info on the Beef industry

Interestingly, many Indian states have a ban on slaughtering cattle,
however, India accounts for 23.5% of all beef exports (including buffalo).


Huffington Post’s “Here’s The Unpalatable Truth About Beef And Hinduism”

World Wildlife Fund on Sustainable Agriculture

Taken directly from omgfacts.com12509247_945579192157368_4529253889044023779_n

India has more cows than any other country.
There are over 280 MILLION (281,700,000) cows in India.
That’s more than a quarter of the entire world population of cows in JUST ONE COUNT(28.29% to be precise).

To put that into perspective the United States has only 96,669,000 cows
(less than half the number of cows that India has).

The Indian cow population is higher than the American dog and cat populations combined (77.5 million dogs and 93.6 million owned cats).

It’s even higher than the U.S. car population, which is also a really huge number:
246 million cars at the end of 2009.