Our Journey – A Timeline


November 24 2015

Goodbye Canada

On Nov.24, 2015 we hugged our friends and family one last time, said goodbye to our empty home and left with one-way tickets to begin an adventure! To read about our planning process, click here ____/

November 25 2015

Toronto, Canada

Our first stop was Toronto and nearby Burlington to visit Chantal's Oma.  Zita made our visit so special with tasty German home cooking and stories of her long life.  We stayed one night in Toronto with a wonderful CouchSurfing host, Raj. We also met up with Chantal's cousin as well as a friend of Kodi's from home. Read about our visit HERE

November 29 2015

New York City, USA

On our way to India, we had a wonderful 24 hour stop over in the Big Apple.  Our time was so pleasant thanks to our amazing, last minute CouchSurfing host, Melissa. We stayed in Astoria but also had time to check out time square and the delicious food at Katz Deli. Read about our time in New York HERE.

November 30 2015

Helsinki, Finland

Chantal and I had a 12 hour stop over in Helsinki, Finland.  It was enough time to walk around the city, eat some beef stew and fishy desserts, and nearly freeze to death in the rain. See some Facebook photos HERE.

December 1 2015

New Delhi, India

Our first time in Asia and the official start to our adventure abroad. We were both so overwhelmed with the culture shock that our planned 4-day visit turned into 8 as we didn't want to leave our guesthouse for the first few days.  The ride from the airport had our heads spinning as we gawked at the number of people, amount of garbage and variety of smells. We enjoyed a lot of sightseeing! Click on these attractions to read more! Old Delhi & The Reddest of Forts  ~~~ Grounded at Birla Mandir   ~~~ Delhi Sights & Crowded Metro   ~~~ The Beauty of Lodi Garden & Farewell to Delhi   ~~~  

December 8 2015

Chandigarh, India

India's first planned city, Chandigarh is a quiet place (relative to India) and boasts a lovely lake. The biggest highlight is a visit to the Nek Chand Rock Garden which was initially created in secret for over 15 years.  It's sculptures and statues were incredibly unique and the size of the garden was jaw dropping. Read about our time in Chandigarh, Peace at Sahkua Lake & Nek Chand Rock Garden

December 10 2015

Amritsar, India

  30km from Pakistan's border, Amritsar is a busy city and home to wonderful people and one of India's most beautiful buildings, the Sri Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple.  We enjoyed the food, which uses a lot of ghee (clarified butter). Each day, on the Indo-Pakistani border, both countries participate in a tradition that you must see to believe. 7 foot tall Punjabis march as crowds cheer on either side of the gate. Read about our time in Amritsar, Indian Passion at the Pakistan Border

December 14 2015

Agra, India

Home to one of the most famous and romanticized buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal.  Agra is also a polluted, filthy, congested city that ranked fairly low on our favourite cities list.  That said, Agra Fort was very beautiful and afforded nice views of the Taj Mahal.  We also visited the Mehtab Bagh, a garden across from the Taj. Read about Agra, Agra & The Taj Mahal

December 16 2015

Jaipur, India

State Capital, Jaipur is also called the Pink City.  Like other cities in Rajasthan, Jaipur's old town is completely painted a bright colour.  We enjoyed the warmest Indian hospitality and made a long time friend, whom we spent Christmas with.  The immense Amer Fort was a thrill to visit (and a tiring walk up) and our friend KP took us to see an amazing Bollywood film, featuring the fort in many scenes.

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August 1 2017

Pushkar, India

The spiritual town of Pushkar is small, quiet and full of backpackers looking for enlightenment, or at least a strong Bhang Lassi. A popular spot to plant your feet and learn an Indian classical instrument or take a meditation course.  Chantal took voice lessons while I did my best to learn a little tabla. We spent most of our time relaxing and playing billiards.  We also had an up-close and personal experience with New Years Eve fireworks!

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